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  • Opacc Rothenburg

Engineering company for HVAC

A successful project requires perfect planning. W&P Engineering is a strong and reliable partner for your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system needs.


We have many years of experience and pay attention to ensuring optimal investment and energy costs. As an engineering company that deals with HVAC, we support you all the way – from choosing a heat generator for your new construction or renovated building through to implementation planning. We optimise the planning of room heating by looking at factors such as cost effectiveness and sustainability, and integrate innovative heating technology systems into our planning. We use our many years of experience in ventilation and temperature control planning to complete sophisticated residential and office, hotel, hospital and industrial projects. We do all this with great care and passion in the planning, and use energy-efficient systems such as free cooling or cooling using groundwater.


Our strengths

  • Integral HVAC planning, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling, sanitary, instrumentation and control, electronics
  • Innovative concepts focused on the cost-benefit
  • Implementation of energy standards: Minergie, Minergie-P, Minergie A, Minergie-Eco, 2000 W, SNBS
  • Free cooling and anergy systems
  • Self-sufficient buildings and residential areas