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  • AZ Alpnach

BIM – Plan, run and manage building technology digitally

BIM stands for “Building Information Modelling” and is used for the networked planning, execution and management of buildings. We help you with implementing your BIM project.


Digital planning, execution and management of building technology is a quantum leap forward for our industry. This forward-looking planning method has been standard for our specialists since 2015, not least because of the increasing complexity of our projects and the growing number of requirements. We ensure our team of BIM specialists continue to expand their knowledge through ongoing training. 

The advantages of BIM planning are clear: Mistakes are avoided while planning quality is improved; this saves time (and therefore money). Through the digital planning of building technology in 3D, we create a model of the building that clearly shows the developer the potential areas for savings in their facility management.

The compelling advantages of BIM planning also have an impact beyond the planning stages: BIM minimises data loss from implementation planning through to management and allows information to be transmitted directly to the building management.


Our strengths

  • BIM coordination
  • 3D planning
  • BIM to field

Unsere Stärken

  • BIM Koordination
  • 3D Planung
  • BIM to Field